Wärtsilä supplies biofuel power plant to Fortum Làƒ¤mpàƒ¶ Oy

12 Mar 2002 – Wärtsilä has won an order to supply the process equipment for an 11 MWth Sermet BioGrate boiler plant fired by wood chippings. The order was placed by Fortum Làƒ¤mpàƒ¶, one of Finland’s largest heat suppliers.

Fortum Làƒ¤mpàƒ¶ Oy has a long-term steam supply contract with Primalco Oy’s Rajamàƒ¤ki factories, where the new heating plant will be built by the end of the current year.

Wärtsilä will be supply and install all the process equipment.

Wärtsilä is the leading global ship power supplier and a major provider of decentralized power generation systems and of supporting services.

Wärtsilä Biopower, which supplies Wärtsilä biofuel-fired power plants, is part of Wärtsilä’s Power Divisions. It is headed by Jussi Heikkinen MSc (Eng.), who was appointed to this position in the end of 2001. Sermet Oy, acquired by Wärtsilä last October, forms the core of Biopower.

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