Watlow introduces fuel oil forwarding skid

18 June 2002 – St. Louis-based Watlow Electric Manufacturing Co. last week launched a new fuel oil forwarding skid combining fuel oil preheating and a forwarding pump system into one integrated system.

Watlow has expertise and technical know-how in manufacturing the key elements of the forwarding skid ? the electric fuel oil heater and the control systems.

Providing these components in a single package that is interconnected and tested prior to first shipment reduces installation and start-up time ? a critical benefit in today’s fast-moving power generation market.

The fuel oil forwarding skid heats fuel oil as it is pumped from a large, remote storage tank to the combustion turbine. Heating the fuel oil before pumping reduces the problems associated with pumping the thicker, cold fuel oil, along with reducing the pump size/power required to pump the fuel oil.

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