Wartsila wins Honduras gas engine deal

Wartsilaà‚ is to supply a 28 MW multi-fuel gas engine power plant on the island of Roatan in Honduras.

The contract is with Roatan Electric Company and is for four Wartsila 34SG-LPG engines running on propane gas ” the second such deal signed by Wartsila in a year.Wartsila multi-fuel gas plant on Honduras

The new plant will be delivered on a fast-track basis and is expected to be operational by December.

Richard Warren, vice-president of Roatan Electric, said the plant will “provide cleaner, more reliable and more efficient energy to our customers”.

“The multi-fuel capability gives us the advantage of changing fuels in the future. We can use propane, ethane or methane, depending on cost and availability. This will directly reduce the price of electricity for consumers,”

Sampo Suvisaari, regional director at Wartsila Energy Solutions, said: “The infrastructure for importing, storing and handling propane is relatively simple and inexpensive. This makes propane an attractive solution for the Caribbean islands and other locations with no access to natural gas pipelines.”

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