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Wartsila inaugurates Argentina 100 MW dual fuel plant

Finnish technology group Wartsila has inaugurated the 100 MW Central Térmica Pilar power plant in Pilar in Argentina.

The opening of the plant was attended by Argentina president Mauricio Macri.

The plant is the first of two 100 MW facilities built by Wartsila for Pampa Energàƒ­a, the largest electricity company in Argentina ” the other, Bahia Blanca, is expected to come online in November.Wartsila inaugurates Argentina 100 MW dual fuel plant

The plant is powered by six of Wartsila’s 50DF multi-fuel engines running on natural gas, and when necessary, heavy fuel oil.

Wartsila said that because Argentina is preparing for the entrance of renewable energy sources, “engine-based power generation technology is well-suited for balancing the fluctuations caused by intermittent renewable power”.

Alberto Fernàƒ¡ndez, Wartsila’s regional director of energy solutions for Latin America South, said: “Wartsila has taken a strong position in enabling the transition towards sustainable energy infrastructure in Argentina, with the Pilar plant being one of 10 plants built by Wartsila in the last few years.

“The multi-fuel technology allows the plant operator to change from liquid to gas fuel and back at the flick of a switch.”

He added that the Pilar plant is expected to run on natural gas for most of the year.

“The primary use of natural gas combined with high quality operation and maintenance services and the optimum operational balance brings a highly positive impact from the environmental point of view.”

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