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Wartsila in $10m deal for Brazil gas plant

Wärtsilä has won a $10m contract to supply a 28 MW natural gas power plant to an oil and gas company in Brazil.

Imetame Energia is a small independent oil and gas firm that discovered a gas field in Bahia in Brazil in 2011.

However, because of Brazil’s under-developed pipeline network and state controls of gas concessions, Imetame did not find any way to capitalize on the find and considered closing the field.

But Wärtsilä suggested thermal generation as a way to monetize the gas and add value to the project through the sale of electricity.

“A power plant showed to be the best solution to turn the gas into money,” said Roberto Baptista, director of Imetame Energia.

UTE Prosperidade I is the first of three planned plants in the rural area of Bahia. The baseload plant will supply energy to Brazil’s national grid which will increase the availability of gas in the power system.

Wärtsilä will supply its 34SG engines operating on what the company calls its “gas-to-wire’ concept. “This means that natural gas is converted to electric power close to the remote gas fields, and transmitted to urban areas via transmission lines.”



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