Vestas strategically targeting “carbon conscious corporations”

Danish turbine maker, Vestas (OMX:à‚ VWS), is aiming for growth through targeting its product lines at blue chip companies with a carbon conscience.

Vestas wind turbineInvolved with such as the WindMade trademark and standards body, plus the Corporate Renewable Energy Index (CREX), Vestas is at the forefront in initiatives which aim to provide transparency about energy sourcing at big corporations.

The company recently signed a deal to supply 90 MW of turbines to Swedish furniture giant Ikea, and has made deals with major corporations in Chile and Mexico.

“We are seeing the Googles, the Legos and Walmarts investing directly into wind or through long-term power-purchase agreements [PPAs],” says Morten Albàƒ¦k, senior vice-president for global marketing communications and customer insight. “The underlying drivers make this segment very interesting.”

Recharge reports that if the largest 1,500 publicly traded companies were to procure an average of 10 per cent of their current consumption from wind, it would translate into 69GW of new capacity, according to analysis by Vestas, which has installed 50GW around the world.

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