Vericor Power Systems signs five-year agreement with American Energy Solutions

August 6, 2002 — Vericor Power Systems has signed a five-year co-marketing agreement with American Energy Solutions, Inc., Kansas City, Mo.

The agreement calls for the joint marketing of the companies’ products and services. American Energy offers Vericor an expanded entry into the power and energy marketplace for Vericor’s OnsitePowerà¢â€ž¢ direct-to-customer and turnkey gas turbine- and reciprocating engine-based cogeneration systems.

In addition, American Energy will provide a variety of local services ranging from performing site walk-through’s to permitting and contract review.

“As a leading energy services company, we recognize that American Energy’s strengths are in energy and price risk management, energy asset evaluation, and regulatory assistance. We anticipate that by combining Vericor’s OnsitePower energy solutions with American Energy’s broad services, we will be a stronger industry competitor and will have a heightened presence with customers looking to build power plants in the U.S.,” said Thomas Bray, President and General Manager of Vericor Power Systems.

Vericor offers customers great flexibility and the ability to select the best overall solution to meet energy needs through its complete line of OnsitePower gas turbine and reciprocating engine systems that range up to 15 megawatts.

Vericor’s environmentally friendly OnsitePower systems bring power, steam, and hot or chilled water to industrial and commercial sites. Vericor’s Turnkey solution allows the customer to remain the owner while Vericor handles the complete turnkey project development.

“American Energy brings to its relationship with Vericor diverse energy services for consumers on both a regional and national basis. Our customers include industrial, commercial, governmental, and quasi-governmental entities,” said Michael W. Moore, President of American Energy. “Because American Energy is not affiliated with any utility, we are uniquely situated to assess our customer’s needs and provide unbiased information and advice,” Moore added.

American Energy provides services to a variety of clients representing facilities in more than 38 states. Services include consulting, risk management, conservation projects, procurement services, commodity marketing and asset development.

American Energy Solutions, Inc. headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., was formed in 1998 in direct response to increasingly deregulated energy markets. The company provides essential energy procurement and management services. Visit American Energy at

Vericor, a subsidiary of MTU Aero Engines, a DaimlerChrysler company, is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Vericor markets, sells and supports OnsitePowerà¢â€ž¢ turnkey systems and services, VPSà¢â€ž¢3 and VPSà¢â€ž¢4 generator sets, ASEà¢â€ž¢40/ASEà¢â€ž¢50 industrial gas turbines and TFà¢â€ž¢40/TFà¢â€ž¢50 marine gas turbines.

Vericor leverages gas turbine technology from MTU and technology licensed from Honeywell, that has been acquired for over 50 years and proven by several thousand engines in service recently.

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