VA Tech Hydro’s EcoBulb starts operation

28 November 2002 – The first unit of VA Tech Hydro’s ECOBulb hydroelectric industrial turbine generator went into commercial operation in Aubus, France at the end of October.

VA Tech Hydro said that all of the ECOBulb’s electrical and mechanical features like power output, power factor and quality of power met the expectations according to the calculations.

ECOBulb is a bulb turbine generator unit with a very low impact on the environment and thanks to its innovative technology and a newly engineered concept, the unit offers unmatched efficiency for Compact generating sets, with low maintenance requirements.

Technological features include a directly driven synchronous generator with permanent magnetic excitation, low maintenance design and the complete removal of oil.

Franz Strohmer, member of the Board of VA Tech Hydro, said: “This was only made possible with the full integration of VA Tech Hydro’s electrical, mechanical and hydraulic expertise.”

The ECOBulb will be suitable for applications with an output range of 1 to 4 MW and heads from 3 up to 15 m.

Today, VA Tech Hydro also has three other units in the design phase, for Société Hydrolélectrique du Golo in Corsica (France) and Innergex in Canada, which are in the range of 2 to 4 MW.

The ECOBulb will contribute to increase the share of renewable energy on the electricity generation.

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