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VA Tech Hydro to upgrade Scottish hydro plants

24 June 2002 – VA Tech Hydro has been awarded the contract to refurbish three Power Stations in Scotland by Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) as part of their renewable energy programme.

The Power Stations Gaur, Aigas and Kilmorack are located in the Highlands of Scotland near Inverness. The modernisation will increase output at Gaur by 12 per cent and improve efficiency at Aigas and Kilmorack by 5 per cent. The work will see major improvements of the environment.

The oil free, self lubricating runner design of the Kaplan runners to be used at Aigas and Kilmorack are especially environmentally compatible.

The turnkey contracts will result in the overall modernisation of the turbine generator sets, as well as complete renewal of all electrical equipment, and will guarantee high reliability and life extension for the plants for at least thirty years.

These contracts are the first phase of a programme to refurbish SSE’s network of hydro power stations and will make a considerable contribution to Scotland’s target to boost generation from renewable sources by 2010.

The scope of work comprises the overall refurbishment of the turbine generator sets, including replacement of turbine runners (Francis at Gaur, Kaplan runners at Aigas and Kilmorack) guide vanes, governor oil plants, performance test, generator stators and new brushless exciter machines. As well as renewal of all electrical control, protection and excitation systems, including digital governors and replacement of medium and low voltage switchgear.

The civil works include refurbishment of main gates and valves. Site activities will start in June 2002 and the power stations are due to be completed by the end of 2003.