TXU Energy orders SWANTECH’s SWANview system for Comanche Peak steam electric station

Aug. 12, 2002 — TXU Energy provides electricity and energy-related services in Texas and across the U.S.

The company is one of two energy related businesses of the global TXU, a premier deliverer of electricity and natural gas and related management services serving 11 million customers in the United States, Europe, and Australia through its 30,000 megawatts of power generation.

TXU Energy has ordered SWANTECH’s SWANviewà¢â€ž¢ System for use on circulating pumps at its Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station, the company’s sole nuclear power plant located in Glen Rose, Texas. Comanche Peak is a two-unit nuclear-fueled power plant with an operating capacity of 2,300 megawatts annually (two 1,150 megawatt units).

Like all nuclear facilities, Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station relies on a large volume of continuously circulating cooling water. The large vertical pumps designed for this purpose are critical to the plant’s operating capacity.

SWANTECH was engaged to evaluate the condition of four operating pumps prior to a planned shutdown of one of the two nuclear generating units. One of the pumps presented indications of damage and upon inspection the lower motor bearing wear was documented.

Don Doan, the plant’s Vibration Monitoring Technologies Specialist, also used the SWANview System to monitor bearing condition on a vane axial fan, which has proven difficult to monitor due to the motor being isolated. These motors are concentrically mounted and, therefore, the only connections to the outside shroud are the all-thread motor mounting rods.

Stress Wave Analysis (SWANà¢â€ž¢) Sensors were mounted on the external housing near the motor mounting rods and were able to detect seeded bearing faults, proving the system’s unparalleled sensitivity. According to Doan, “The SWANview System could accurately identify motor bearing damage.” Doan plans on using a SWANview Portable System for plant applications where continuous monitoring is not practical.

SWAN technology is based upon ultrasonic sound waves which are detected and measured in terms of energy content and then analyzed to identify and trend the incidence of damage in a machine. The software analysis tools also pinpoint the source of damage and provide early warning in terms of the progression of damage.

This information is used to schedule maintenance before severe damage to the machine, or equipment failure occurs. SWANTECH products are in use in a variety of industries and have proven superior to other condition monitoring technologies.

SWANTECH’s President and CEO, Joseph E. Carpenter, Jr. was extremely pleased with the TXU results stating, “We are delighted to demonstrate the superior diagnostic capability of SWAN technology in the nuclear power industry on mission critical operating equipment, and to support TXU Energy in machinery health care.”

SWANTECH is dedicated to the design and development of diagnostic tools that detect and measure even slight shock and friction events that occur between contact surfaces in operating machinery.

SWANTECH delivers the power of precise machine condition information with patented Stress Wave Analysis (SWANà¢â€ž¢) technology. SWAN detects Stress Wave Energy and enables the separation of these high-frequency stress waves from the much lower frequency range of operating machinery vibration and audible noise. This process detects flaws and problems well before other technologies including vibration and lubrication analysis and provides prognostic condition monitoring solutions that enable users to intervene before secondary machine damage or catastrophic failure occurs.

SWANTECH solutions contribute to a lower total cost of operation and a greater return on assets managed.

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