Nigeria’s power crisis has worsened this week with the shutdown of two more power plants, bringing the total number of plants offline to ten.

The 1020 MW gas-fired Sapele plant in Delta state (pictured) and the 600 MW Shiroro hydroelectric plant in Niger state were shut down on Tuesday.

According to Nigerian media reports, the power to one unit at the Shiroro plant was tripped, triggering an emergency shutdown, while two other units are offline for repairs and a fourth is offline for maintenance.

At the four-unit Sapele plant, one gas turbine is reportedly offline for maintenance, another is offline while the Nigerian Gas Company undertakes unspecified work, and two units are sidelined due to gas constraints.

Meanwhile, generation at the 1320 MW Egbin power plant, Nigeria’s largest, was limited to 415 MW on Tuesday due to gas constraints, down from 1085 MW on March 15.

The country’s power generation on Tuesday totalled 2775 MW, down from 3657.5 MW on 31 March, with many regions experiencing total blackout.

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