Black & Veatch is to transform Turkey’s first gas-fired power plant into one of the world’s most efficient and modern combined cycle facilities.

The Hamitabat combined cycle power plant in Turkey is to be modernised after GAMA Power Systems Inc. (GHamitabat gas-fired power plantAMA) selected Black & Veatch to help replace aging turbines in operation since the 1980s.

Benzinga website reports that the project will see four combined cycle turbine (2-on-1) units will become two single shaft units. In addition both units will use the latest Siemens 50 Hz H-class combustion turbines together with new steam turbines to generate approximately a total of 1200 MW. The replacement will increase power generation efficiency and simplify operations.

“By using the latest turbine technology, Hamitabat’s current efficiency will rise from about 38 per cent to 62 per cent. This creates a more sustainable facility that burns less fuel for every megawatt with direct financial and environmental benefits in kind,” said John Hughes, Project Director for Black & Veatch’s energy business.