Genset supplier FG Wilson

Genset supplier FG Wilson has delivered a vital power solution for a major new medical centre in Russia.

FG Wilson’s Russian dealer Technoserv has commissioned and installed gas gensets and combined gas heat exchanger systems for a power station that runs Hospital VIT in Nizhny Tagil City, in the Ural district.

Technoserv designed the power plant based on four FG Wilson PG750B gas generator sets. The units work in base load operating mode in parallel with the local mains grid at full load. For water heating, a combined heat and power system was used in conjunction with a local Russian manufacturer, CTM.

FG Wilson said that in order to ensure the maximum efficiency of natural gas consumption, the power solution operates in trigeneration mode, producing not only heat but also cooling – the CHP systems supply exhaust gas-heated water to the chemical absorption chiller for cold water produce, meaning the total electric power plant capacity is 2.4 MW and around 2 MW thermal or cold water power.

Aggreko commissions diesel plant in Mozambique


A new power plant has been commissioned in Mozambique by Aggreko and state power utility Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM).

The diesel plant in the port city of Nacala comprises 22 diesel generator sets and has a maximum output of 18 MW.

Power demands across Mozambique are rapidly increasing as the country’s annual GDP grows by more than 7 per cent and its industrial sector rapidly expands. However, electricity supplies in the north have been strained due to seasonal flooding that has caused disruption to networks in several provinces.

EDM executive board member Carlos Yum said: ‘Nacala is experiencing rapidly growing commercial and industrial activity based around its role as a logistics hub of northern Mozambique. By adding additional generation capacity close to areas of high energy demand, EDM is addressing increased power requirements with fast-track power provision until longer-term sustainable solutions can be deployed.’

Finning offers new gensets for CHP and continuous power applications

Finning Power Systems

Finning Power Systems has launched its Cat G3520H gas generator set for combined heat and power and continuous electric power applications.

The G3520H gas generator is ideal for use in industrial and commercial facilities, as well as in distributed generation power plants, Finning said, adding that it features the lowest total lifecycle cost in its class.

It has a long stroke design, high compression-ratio pistons, a high efficiency turbo, and a high efficiency generator design. The company claims that time and costs associated with maintenance are reduced due to to the G3520H’s optimised piston, ring and liner designs, which help to minimise oil consumption.

The G3520H is the second genset to be introduced as part of the G3500 H-series, following the G3516H, which Finning launched in January 2013.

The gensets are offered with power ratings of up to 2500 ekW, with three configurations available: High Efficiency (HE), High Response (HR), and High Altitude (HA). With the HE option turbo trim is optimised for maximum total electrical efficiency, while the HR and HA turbo trim configurations provide optimisation for altitude and ambient performance capability and dynamic load response, Finning said.

Cummins ships European Grid Code-compliant gensets

Cummins Power Generation

Cummins Power Generation has announced that its certified Grid Code Compliant generator sets have been delivered successfully to a customer in Germany.

Compliance for grid-connected power plants is already a legal requirement in Germany, with many other countries expected to follow suit. DNV GL has validated the Cummins 60-litre and 91-litre lean-burn gas genset range as fully compliant with the grid code requirements of Germany, France and Italy.

Cummins said its team studied variations in grid code requirements across network operators and countries with the aim of designing genset components that could meet the electrical and mechanical stresses encountered during grid faults. Computer-aided design tools were used to determine the stresses and optimise designs for the products’ expected lifetime. The gensets then underwent testing in parallel with the live UK National Grid, using a simulation device to create a localised fault. Real test results were then used to validate a model which could predict the gensets’ performance in the event of a low-voltage grid fault.

Himoinsa gensets used in Egyptian water treatment plants


Himoinsa has supplied Acciona Agua with five gensets for operation in four water treatment plants in Egypt.

The project aims to purify 150,000 m3/day of urban wastewater, and re-use it for irrigation. The gensets activate the water purification system whenever a power cut occurs, ‘something that happens quite frequently in this area,’ said Leopoldo Lainz, Asia Pacific Development Manager for Acciona Agua.

The largest plant, with a flow of 82,000 m3/day, is the Abnoub-El Fath plant where two open gensets were installed, the HMW-1135 T5 and HTW-2030 T5 models. The two gensets, with outputs of 1200 kVA and 2250 kVA, will allow supply to reach a population of over 300,000 people, Himoinsa said. The sewage plants of Sodfa-El Ghanayem and El Ayat, which have similar characteristics, have been equipped with HTW-920 T5 gensets. Both emergency gensets will help maintain activity at the plants, which will supply over 200,000 people. The plant in Abu Simbel, a popular tourist destination, is equipped with a 400 kVA generator set, the HMW- 350 T5 model.