A new MTU engine Series 1600 diesel engine, with power outputs between 270 and 730 kW, has been launcjed by Tognum’s MTU.

It will expand the product portfolio in the lower power range and is especially relevant in off-highway applications such as power generation systems, the company says.

The Series 1600 will be the smallest engine manufactured by MTU. It will be offered in an in-line configuration with six cylinders as well as in V-configurations with eight, ten and twelve cylinders, covering a displacement range from 10.5 to 21 liters. The power range below the current Series 2000 engine will thus be expanded.

The new Series 1600 engine complies with the current exhaust specifications of EPA Tier 2 (power output above 560 kW) and EPA Tier 3 (power output below 560 kW) without the necessity of exhaust treatment measures.

With the new engine series, Tognum will produce larger engine quantities in the future. In the medium term, Tognum expects an annual production rate of approximately 20,000 Series 1600 engines, which is a significant increase when compared with the 9000 MTU engines that are currently produced on an annual basis.
In autumn 2009, MTU will introduce the first V12 1600 engines for emergency and peak-shaving gensets, followed by smaller engines for power generation.

Series production engines for construction and industrial machines, agricultural and forestry machinery as well as rail applications will be introduced in succession.
Due to the expected large quantities, MTU has expanded its worldwide service network.

‘Series 1600 will change our company in a similar way as did the development and introduction of Series 2000 and Series 4000 in the 1990s,’ said Tognum board member Dr. Gerd-Michael Wolters.