GE has announced the shipment of its 1000th LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbine to Black Hills Corporation, as part of its Pueblo Airport generation station being constructed in Pueblo, Colorado, US.
The 1000 LM6000 gas turbines produced to date have accumulated nearly 22 million operating hours for 260 customers in 43 countries, says the company, including in 37 of the 50 US states.
Black Hills is scheduled to set its four LM6000 gas turbines on their foundation in February and the generation facility is expected to be in service by the start of 2012.
The Pueblo Airport generation station will consist of four units: two Black Hills Energy/Colorado Electric utility-owned, natural gas-fired GE LMS100 units; and two Black Hills Colorado/IPP-owned combined cycle units.
Each of the combined-cycle units will comprise two 40 MW gas-fired GE LM6000 turbines and one 20 MW steam turbine.
Of the 1000 LM6000 gas turbines produced by GE, 748 have single annular combustors and 252 have dry low emissions combustors. The customer with the largest fleet is Petrobras, with 42 units, and GDF Suez Group has the largest DLE fleet installed with 28 units.
Additional facts about the LM6000:
  • Units have been installed as far north as Statoil’s Snohvit LNG plant (north of the Arctic Circle) and units closest to the Equator are in Guayquil, Ecuador.
  • In addition to the Pueblo Airport generation station announcement, LM6000 gas turbines have been installed at other major airports including Toronto, New York’s JFK and Paris Charles de Gaulle.
  • LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbines back-up wind farms in Texas and Kansas.
  • The LM6000 has been installed in various industries including: mining operations for gold, nickel, iron and coal; food processing of sugar, chocolates and orange juice; automobiles; tyres; cement plants; aluminium smelters; refineries; chemicals and paper mills.
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