SGT-800 gas turbines

As part of its effort to support small power producers, Thailand has ordered 20 Siemens gas turbines for use in combined-cycle cogeneration power plants.

The turbines will be used in 10 power plants located in industrial parks near Bangkok and operated by independent power producers. Each SGT-800 turbine has a capacity of 50.5 MW. For some of the turbines, Siemens will deliver chiller coils to enable an increase in power plant output of around 10 MWe.

SGT-800 turbine
The order is part of the third phase of the Thai government’s SPP (Small Power Producers) programme, which supports plants with a capacity of up to 90 MW. The amount of support provided depends on the amount of primary energy saved by the plants. To receive the subsidy, at least 5% of the thermal energy produced by the power plants in the form of steam or hot water must be made available to industrial consumers.

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