Tanir Bavi Power Company announced yesterday that it had begun simple cycle operation of 170 MW of its planned 220 MW combined-cycle plant located on a barge south of Mangalore in the state of Karnataka, India. The plant uses Once Through Steam generator (OTSG) heat recovery technology developed by Canadian-based engineering firm, Innovative Steam Technologies (IST).

The barge was assembled by Hyundai in Korea and then shipped to the Mangalore Coast. Tanir Bavi Power Company has a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Karnataka State Electricity Board and escrow support from the Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Ltd.

OTSG is IST’s solution to the limitations of traditional drum-type heat recovery steam generation and the Mangalore power plant is the first barge mounted CCPP to use the technology. A spokesman for IST said that the low cost of installation and small footprints had attracted both Tanir Bavi and EPC contractors Hyundai to the OTSG boilers. “We were delighted to work with Hyundai on this project” he said. “It is unusual for a boiler maker to buy in equipment”.

The plant is expected to begin combined cycle operation in July of this year. Tanir Bavi Power Company is a joint venture between PSEG Global of the US and the GMR Vasavi Group of India. PSEG Global owns 49 per cent of the joint venture directly and 25 per cent indirectly. The GMR Group owns 26 per cent. A joint venture of PSEG Global and GMR Vasavi Group will operate the plant.

Tanir Bavi is PSEG Global’s second power plant in India. The other, which began operation in April, is the 330 MW Pillai Perumalnallur project in Tamil Nadu. PSEG Global is a major developer and operator of power plants and electric and gas distribution systems around the world.

The ability to re-locate can make barge-mounted facilities attractive to investors – giving flexibility either at the end of a PPA or should circumstances change, mid-contract. The Tanir Bavi plant is installed in a harbour on a single barge.