Southern States Power Co. Inc. held a demonstration Wednesday in Riverside, Calif. of its standby back up power generation project for the University of California, Riverside (UCR) utilizing 100% biofuel.

Guests at the event included some of SSPC’s current fuel clients, officials from the City of Riverside Public Utilities, UCR and a variety of potential customers and industry contacts. The three units were started, and invitees were able to observe the absence of visible particulate matter emissions produced by the units.

C. Michael Webster, vice chancellor of administration with the University of California, Riverside, which is funding the project, commented, “We are proud to be associated with this undertaking. It is a win-win proposition for the community as well as university and we are especially impressed with how well the team of UCR, Riverside Public Utilities and Southern States Power Company worked together to bring this project to fruition.”

“This project serves as an example of how efficient and cost-effective energy production can be achieved using an environmentally-friendly product,” commented William O. Sheaffer, vice president of marketing for SSPC. “It is critical that the company continue to educate alternative fuel clients about the advantages of biodiesel over other fuels, particularly non-renewable petroleum products. This demonstration allowed Southern States to inform our guests of the vast potential for biodiesel, not only for standby back up stationary power generation, but also for other applications such as heavy duty equipment and trucks currently using petroleum-based diesel.”

South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), the largest air quality regulatory body in the United States, permitted the three 2-megawatt biofueled generators to provide standby backup electrical power to the University of California, Riverside and to feed energy to the Riverside power grid. This is the first time that SCAQMD has issued a permit authorizing stationary power generation running exclusively on 100% biodiesel.

The recent deployment of diesel engines throughout California in response to power shortages in the state has caused concern for air quality officials. Biodiesel, with its lower emissions profile, can significantly reduce the amounts of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulate matter released into the air by diesel generators.

The Company

Southern States Power Co. is a fully reporting publicly traded company, whose core business is to develop, produce and distribute alternative fuels, particularly its OXyG Biodiesel. There are nearly 27 billion gallons of diesel consumed annually in the United States alone, and an additional volume is consumed internationally.

It is the goal of the United States Department of Energy that 30% of petroleum-based motor fuel is replaced by alternative fuels by the year 2010. Southern States Power is poised to capture a significant portion of the rapidly expanding biodiesel market through an aggressive marketing plan as well as contacts in government, business and industry.

An alliance with soybean farmers in the Midwest can supply the company with an ample supply of soybean oil feedstock for use in production of its OXyG Biodiesel. Tightening clean air standards and growing fossil fuel costs are forcing private commercial fleets to look toward alternative fuel products.

Major biodiesel initiatives have been passed at the state level across the United States. More information can be found at the company’s Web site: