MAN Diesel & Turbo is set to launch its new 6 MW gas turbine at the CHP unit of the Rheinberg production plant of Solvin, a joint venture between Solvay and BASF.

The new CHP plant is designed to supply 6 MW of power and 11 MW of thermal power, enabling Solvin to meet its own electricity requirements and reduce its dependency on the grid. The Rheinberg plant will have a fuel efficiency of 80% by utilising the waste heat from the gas turbine.

MAN says the primary focus of the new turbine development is to optimise fuel utilisation and operating costs while reducing nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide emissions. MAN is also seeking to optimise steam production for CHP cogeneration through the exhaust gas temperatures of the gas turbine.

MAN’s new generation of gas turbines has been developed to include the 6-8 MW output class for industrial use and can be used both as mechanical drives for compressors and for decentralised power generation.

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