Solar tower will be world’s tallest structure

3 July 2002 – A solar tower power station, which is to be constructed about 65 km north-west of Mildura in the state of Victoria in Australia, will have the world’s tallest structure, a one km high solar tower, says a report by

A surrounding greenhouse skirt of solar collector panels will be five km wide. The power station will generate 200 MW of electricity, enough to supply up to 200 000 typical homes at an estimated project cost of $670m.

The German engineering firm Schlaich Bergermann and Partner will design the solar tower technology. EnviroMission, who is performing the feasibility study, has the rights to this German technology and is listed with the Australian Stock Exchange as of 6th of August 2001. EnviroMission is 38 per cent owned by the American company Energen Global Incorporated.

EnviroMission and Schlaich Bergermann and Partner have plans to develop up to five of the stations by 2010. The technology is based on the sun’s radiation to heat a large body of air, which is forced by the laws of physics to move as hot wind through large turbines in order to generate electricity.

The solar tower power station is scheduled to be commissioned between 2005 and 2006. This project is being watched closely throughout the world and if everything goes well, it will abate over 900 000 tons of greenhouse producing gases from entering the environment annually. The project is sure to attract much attention and would help propel Solar Power Tower Technology energy projects throughout the world.

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