Global acoustic and emissions technology company Universal has announced an innovative new silencer product line for engine gensets, which gives designers the opportunity to create smaller, quieter and more efficient power generation or compression packages.
Bill Hasz, director of Industrial Products, states:
‘Little innovation has taken place in the engine silencer industry for the past decade. We took advantage of our experience, technology improvements and advanced manufacturing techniques to disprove a centuries old tenet in noise control products – a silencer can be small, have exceptional noise reduction or create less engine backpressure, but not all three.
‘The new ‘QuietShield’ engine silencer line allows all three attributes.’
A smaller silencer allows an enclosed engine package to reduce enclosure height or length, greatly reducing fabrication and shipping costs, says Universal.
Also, a less restrictive exhaust gas path allows engine backpressure to be minimized, therefore improving the efficiency and performance of the engine.
Universal has also developed an on-line sizing calculator for QuietShield silencers – the model can be selected by desired performance attributes and engine data, or by the engine’s make and model.
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