5 Mar 2002 – Siemens Power Generation (SPG) said today it has received power plant construction contracts from Portugal, Italy and Israel totalling approximately €600m.

Near Lisbon, a consortium lead by Siemens, is building a 780 MW turnkey combined-cycle power plant comprising two units. The consortium’s contract value is nearly €400 million, with the Siemens share amounting to approximately €200m. Together with Fiat Engineering, SPG is also constructing a 380 MW combined-cycle power plant in Italy. The contract value of this project is nearly €200m, of which the Siemens share amounts to about one half.

The state-owned power provider Israel Electric Corp. (IEC) has contracted with SPG to supply equipment for three combined-cycle power plants – each rated at over 370 MW – with a total value of over €300m.

The project company Termoelectrica do Ribatejo, S.A. (TER), a subsidiary of the Electricidade de Portugal, ordered the combined-cycle power plant that will be built in Portugal about 25 km from Lisbon. PG and TER also signed an agreement on an option for another power plant unit rated at 390 MW to be built at the same location. Negotiations on a long-term service contract for this power plant are now in progress. Siemens Power Generation will supply two gas turbines, two steam turbines, the associated generators as well as electrical and I&C systems. This plant is being built by PG together with the consortium partners Koch Transporttechnik GmbH, Koch de Portugal Ltda. and Siemens Portugal. The two natural-gas-fired units are scheduled to begin supplying electric power to the Portuguese grid at the beginning and end of 2004, respectively. Ribatejo will be the second combined-cycle power plant that Siemens has built in Portugal. In August 1999, the 990 MW Tapada do Outeiro power plant, located near Porto, was completed for the operator Turbogas.

The Italian regional multi utility AEM Torino has awarded a contract to a consortium comprising Siemens PG and Fiat Engineering to build a natural-gas-fired combined-cycle power plant in Montcalieri near Turin for supplying the city of Turin with electricity and district heating. When used exclusively for power generation, this plant will be capable of providing 380 MW into the grid or, by reducing electric output, supplying up to 260 MW to the district heating system. Siemens will supply one gas turbine and one steam turbine as well as the two associated generators and I&C systems for this plant, which is scheduled to begin commercial operation in 2005.

To Israel, Siemens PG will supply one gas turbine, one steam turbine, the associated generator, and the boiler as well as auxiliary systems for each of the three IEC plants. It is expected that a long-term maintenance contract will be finalized for these machines in the very near future. Two of these combined-cycle power plants will be built near the city of Lod, and the other one near Haifa. These power plants will initially be run on diesel fuel, later on natural gas and are scheduled to begin commercial operation at the end of 2004 and end of 2005, respectively. In the late 1990s Siemens supplied four other gas turbines to IEC for the Gezer power plant near Lod.