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Siemens to build worlds largest turbine-generator for the pulp and paper industry

28 June 2002 – Siemens Power Generation (PG) Industrial Applications Division will build the world’s largest turbine-generator with a backpressure turbine in the pulp and paper industry. The 150-megawatt turbine-generator will be for the Wisaforest pulp mill located in northwest Finland, and will ultimately have an annual capacity of 800 000 metric tons.

The majority of the electrical and all the thermal output will be used for various processes in the plant, and a small amount of the electricity will be transferred into the public transmission grid. Delivery to the customer is scheduled for April 2004. Siemens PG secured the order, valued at more than €10m, from Wisapower Oy, a 100 per cent subsidiary of the Finnish utility Pohjolan Voima Oy (PVO), Helsinki. The owner of the mill is the world’s third largest pulp and paper producer UPM Kymmene, with headquarters in the Finnish capital.

The decisive criteria for the award of the contract to Siemens PG included the turbine’s high efficiency level, its operating flexibility and the wealth of experience accumulated by the company in this field, said Siemens. For example, the turbine is equipped with quintuple shifting nonautomatic extraction. It is thus possible, even in different turbine operating modes, to always provide the exact steam pressure required by the process while simultaneously maintaining an optimum efficiency level.

A further important criterion for the customer was the ability of the turbine to provide additional steam required for a future plant capacity expansion. The backpressure turbine with central admission can fulfill both the current and future heat demands for pulp production and can be integrated into the customer’s overall process. In full-load operation the Siemens turbine will have maximum main steam conditions of 100 bar and 505à‚°C, with the steam being expanded to a backpressure of 4.4 bar.

The scope of supply and services provided by Siemens PG covers the backpressure turbine from the manufacturing plant in Gàƒ¶rlitz and the generator from the plant in Erfurt. The order from Finland also includes installation and commissioning of the entire turbine-generator. For the Siemens PG Industrial Applications Division this order is a further step toward consolidating its leading position in the pulp and paper industry.