18 Feb 2002 – Officials at Siemens, the German-based power generation group, have announced a new division that will challenge the power compressor and turbine manufacturing market.

The organisational unit is the merger of the Industrial Turbines Division of Siemens PG and Demag Delaval, a leading manufacturer in the field of compressors. To date, PG I has already supplied more than 14 000 turbines and process compressors to 190 countries around the world.

Frank Stieler, head of the Industrial Applications Division, Siemens, Germany, said: “Siemens Power Generation is no longer looking only at a market that encompass energy conversion. Whether clients are converting natural gas, they are part of the energy conversion market. This broader prespective covers diverse business like oil and gas production and treatment, LNG petrochemicals and refining, fertilizers, industrial gases, and pulp and paper.”

The company aims to better its customer relations by increasing the business it can offer. Thus allowing power plants to avoid looking elsewhere for certain equipment that Siemens previously did not supply. Stieler adds: “The acquisition of Demag Delaval combined with our own rotating apparatus capability and systems integration skills, enables us to provide a complete train solution with single source responsibility. The customer does not see multiple interfaces. To put it in more concrete terms, for a given process compression application, we can not only provide a steam turbine, we can also provide the compressors and associated systems as well as the control system to integrate it with the process application being served.”