Siemens has recently shipped its 100th SGT-300 industrial gas turbine from its manufacturing plant in Lincoln, UK, and will be used for cogeneration applications in the oil & gas sector.

The 100th turbine is part of an order of three from Petrochina Company Limited for the end user China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and is destined for Iraq. All three turbines will generate power and process heat for the oil & gas industry.

Since the first SGT-300 turbine was delivered in 1996, it has been employed for power generation and in cogeneration in a wide range of industrial applications, from pulp and paper to food and beverages, textiles and ceramics, chemicals and petrochemicals.

The most important market however is the oil & gas industry at installations both onshore and offshore, on drilling platforms or FPSO (Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading) vessels.

Siemens says part of the success of the SGT-300 is because of its high resilience to hydrogen sulphide, allowing it to operate on sour gas, minimizing gas processing costs.

The power generation model is a single-shaft 7.9 MW gas turbine featuring a Dry Low Emissions (DLE) system.

An 8.2 MW (approximately 11,000 hp) twin-shaft version of the SGT-300 is available for mechanical drive applications.

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