Siemens is to invest more than $350 million in a 42,000 m² plant in Charlotte, North Carolina, US.

The company says the plant will serve both the US and export markets, and adds that it is the only Siemens plant in the world that makes both gas and steam turbines as well as generators. The facility also plays a key role in the power plant service business.

Siemens notes that the average age of coal-fired power plants in the US is about 40 years, which the company believes points to great potential for suppliers of modern, more efficient power plants.

The Munich-based company claims that even in comparison with much newer gas power plants in the US, the latest-generation Siemens gas turbines, in combination with steam turbines, can reduce gas consumption as well as carbon dioxide by a third, adding that compared to coal-fired power plants, the reduction in emissions can be even higher.

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