Siemens Energy has handed over units 30 & 40 of PowerSeraya’s combined-cycle cogeneration plant in Singapore. The new units replace three oil-fired plants on Jurong Island in the southwest of the country.
Siemens built the turnkey 800 MW plant in an open consortium consisting of Siemens AG as the consortium leader, Siemens Pte Ltd Singapore and Samsung C&T Korea.
The high efficiency combined-cycle units are configured for cogeneration, supplying both power to the grid and process steam to the neighboring refinery owned by Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore Private.
As a result, fuel utilization of the new units will be better than 75%.
Back in 2002, Siemens, with its partner Samsung Corporation, constructed two combined-cycle units for PowerSeraya on the same site, with each unit rated at 370 MW.
These units were also converted to cogeneration in the course of the new construction project.
Completion of the new units means that PowerSeraya now has four combined-cycle units on Jurong Island, with a total installed capacity of 1540 MW.
The Siemens scope of supply for the new units covered two SGT5-4000F gas turbines, two hydrogen-cooled generators, the heat recovery steam generators together with all the electrical systems, and the SPPA-T3000 control system. Siemens was also awarded a service contract for these units.
‘These high efficiency cogeneration units will play a major part in meeting Singapore’s increasing energy requirements in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner,’ said Rainer Hauenschild, CEO Energy Solutions for the Fossil Power Generation Division of Siemens Energy.
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