Siemens hails landmark for Berlin gas turbine factory

Siemens will today ship the 1000thgas turbine manufactured at its factory in Berlin.

The 300 MW SGT5-4000F gas turbine weighs 300 tonnes and is destined for the Umm Al Houl combined cycle power plant in Qatar.

The turbine is one of six that will power the integrated seawater desalinization plant, which will also produce up to 618 million litres of drinking water per day.

Siemens has also signed a 25-year service agreement for the plant’s maintenance and servicing and the facility is scheduled to go into operation mid-2018.Siemens ships 1000th gas turbine from Berlin factory

More than 90 percent of the 1000 gas turbines produced in Berlin since 1972 have been exported.

The total installed capacity of the 1000 gas turbines produced in Berlin amounts to nearly 220 GW, which Siemens said would “be sufficient to theoretically supply approximately one billion people with electricity. The total capacity of the 1000 gas turbines is thus equivalent to the installed power generating capacity of Spain and Italy”.

As it heads to Qatar, the SGT5-4000F turbine will first be shipped from the factory to Berlin’s Westhafen port. From there, it will travel by barge to Rotterdam, where it will be loaded onto a heavy cargo vessel which will take it across the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea via Gibraltar. It will enter the Red Sea through the Suez Canal, round the Arabian Peninsula, and finally reach Qatar.

The Berlin turbine factory was founded in 1904 and initially produced steam turbines. It shipped its first gas turbine for power plants in 1972, which was delivered to Electricity Trust of South Australia. The first Siemens ETSA 1 gas turbine from Berlin had a capacity of 62.5 MW. It is still in standby operation today and has its original turbine and compressor blades.

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