Siemens claims CHP record

Siemens Energy believes that the world’s most modern CHP power plant, recently announced for Dusseldorf, can serve as an engine of the energy system transition (Energiewende) and encourage other German Stadtwerke, or municipal authorities, to follow suit.

Speaking at a press conference at POWER-GEN Europe 2012 in Cologne, Siemens’ Head of Gas Turbine Power Plant Solutions, Lothar Balling said the landmark plant will achieve a world record in terms of efficiency for pure power generation.

“Located in the very heart of Dusseldorf the unit will be the most efficient gas plant worldwide and will also achieve a world record in pure efficiency emission reductions.”

Stadtwerke Dusseldorf and Siemens signed the contract to commence building the Lausward CHP plant in July, and it will have a fuel utilisation factor set to reach 85 per cent, with heat extraction per unit set to achieve an unprecedented level.

Dusseldorf Stadtwerke’s aim in building the plant is to assist in meeting the city’s contribution to the climate and CHP targets set by the state and German governments.

The encouraging news for cogeneration or KWK (Kraft-Warme-Kopplung) comes on the back of the recent German Cogeneration Act adopted by the Bundestag, which provides for an increase the subsidies available to CHP plants.

POWER-GEN Europe is being held in Cologne from 12-14 June.

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