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SGT-400 turbine package reaches 1 million operating hours

30 March 2010 – One of Europeࢀ™s largest wastewater treatment plants, the island-based installation at Psyttalia off the coast of Athens, Greece, is being supplied with power and heat from a gas turbine package from Siemens, the SGT-400.
The global fleet of 153 SGT-400 packages around the world has also reached a milestone of 1 million operating hours, says the company.
Factory-packaged power-plants designed and engineered on the basis of the long-established SGT-400 industrial gas turbine are ideal for reliable operation in critical applications, says Siemens, and the package design allows for control solutions to be tailored to suit customersࢀ™ specific requirements.
With a terminal power rating of 12.9 MW for electricity generation, and a shaft output power of 13.4 MW for mechanical drive, the two-shaft SGT-400 is the highest efficiency gas turbine core in its class with 36.2% efficiency at shaft output, adds Siemens.