29 March 2010 – UK utility E.ON has announced an exclusive deal to bring the next generation of the ‘WhisperGen’ micro-CHP unit to Britain’s homes under the slogan: a power station in your garage.
E.ON and Efficient Home Energy (EHE), part of Spanish manufacturer Mondragon, are working together to deliver the first European mass-produced version of the Stirling engine-based micro-CHP unit, which generates 1 kW of electricity and 12 kW of heat for home heating and hot water.
The device is roughly the same size as a dishwasher and replaces the gas boiler in a conventional central heating system. Compared to a standard heating system, the WhisperGen unit could reduce a home’s carbon dioxide emissions by between one and two tonnes per year, says E.ON.
The company also suggests that UK owners could earn up to €440 (US$593) per year for feeding power back into the national grid, under the UK Government feed-in tariff scheme.
Don Leiper, managing director of E.ON’s Energy Services business, said: ‘With EHE we’ll be ramping up production in the next few years, mass-producing this technology for the wider market and making it available to local authorities, housing developers and residential customers.’
E.ON was the first energy utility to bring micro CHP to the UK and will be the exclusive distributor of this new series of WhisperGen units.