Score Group reports brisk business at POWER-GEN Europe

15 July 2002 – Score Group plc last week announced that the Milan POWER-GEN Europe Exhibition held from 11-13 June received the greatest feedback yet for the Group’s turbine services. The stand, operated by Score’s Turbine Fuel Systems and overhauler of Rolls-Royce Avon Turbines KITE International, was visited by turbine operators and manufacturers alike.

Score said it had participated at POWER-GEN for two reasons; to launch the first authorised and complete overhaul for the environmentally friendly GE LM DLE (Dry Low Emissions) fuel nozzle, and to raise the profile of KITE which has a growing track record in the overhaul of the Rolls-Royce Avon industrial gas turbine.

Score Turbine Fuel Systems Customer Support Director Alan Ritchie said “This service, developed in conjunction with OEM Parker Hannifin and endorsed by GE, is unique in offering clients an overhaul service which returns fuel systems to as-new condition and warranty. Fuel systems are critical to the efficient performance of a gas turbine, controlling the injection of fuel into the combustion chamber. By avoiding the pitfalls associated with reverse engineering of these critical components, clients can also be assured that risk of premature failure and damage to the combustors is minimised.”

Based in Peterhead, Scotland, Score has over ten years experience in the overhaul of industrial gas turbine fuel systems and enjoys unique support and approval from manufacturers such as GE, Alstom, Parker Hannifin and Titeflex.

In April 2002, Score became the 20th company world wide to be accredited by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance to ISO9001:2000 (Quality), ISO14001 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety).

KITE International, formed as Kneller Instruments and Tools, has been a supplier of Original Equipment to turbine manufacturers since the inception of the industry 50 years ago. KITE now carries out the complete overhaul of the Rolls-Royce Avon Industrial Gas Turbine, with turbines in operation in the North Sea. In addition, KITE now has in stock two fully tested Avon turbines, one 1533 and one 1535. These are available for Sale, Exchange or Lease.

The Group now employ over 600 personnel at 18 locations in 11 countries.

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