Schneider Electric wins Israel software deal

Predictive maintenance software from Schneider Electric is to be used to monitor 4100 MW of combined-cycle gas generation in Israel.

Israel’s largest power provider, Israel Electric Corp (IECo), will utilize the Avantis PRiSM software at eleven units across seven sites.

The software will be the centre of Israel Electric Corp’s early warning system and will be used to identify and diagnose equipment problems before they occur for proactive maintenance planning.

“As a completely isolated national grid, supplying reliable power is critical for our customers,” said Uri Levy, Project Manager at IECo.

Rob McGreevy, vice-president of Information, Asset and Operations at Schneider Electric, said: “In power generation, a single turbine failure can cost millions of dollars. Predictive asset analytics enables utilities such as IECo to identify and diagnose issues before they occur for proactive maintenance planning, resulting in reduced costs and maximizing return on high dollar asset investments.”

In addition to model building, implementation support and training, Schneider Electric is providing remote asset health and performance monitoring through their Monitoring and Diagnostics Services Centre (MDSC), offering a bridge of expert services to supplement the IECo team prior to implementation.

Avantis PRiSM uses advanced pattern recognition and machine learning to detect equipment problems days, weeks or months before traditional alarms.

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