RWE and Electrabel to build 400 MW CCGT plant to supply steam to BASF in Antwerp

A consortium of RWE and Electrabel today signed a contract with BASF for the steam supply at the BASF production site in Antwerp. Each of the partners already delivers up to 150 MW of power to BASF.

The two energy companies will collaboration the project in Antwerp harbour. RWE Power and RWE Solutions will realize the project.

In March 1999, RWE and Electrabel signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the request of BASF in which they undertook to form a joint venture for on site electricity generation. After a fierce competition for the energy supply of its Antwerp facility, BASF had decided to split the contract between the two companies.

In respect of the steam supply, the two energy companies have decided to invest together to construct the first combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power station with a capacity of 400 MW, from which steam will be extracted to meet the customer’s requirements. Output will be up to 300 tons of process steam per hour. Each partner of the consortium will sell in the market its surplus electricity output generated by the CCGT.

The power station will be constructed at the BASF site from the end of 2002 and is due to be completed in 2004. The total cost of the project is approximately €200m. The possibility of building a second unit will be evaluated in 2002, according to the market conditions at that time.

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