Russian state nuclear giant privatised

Rosatom subsidiary Atomenergomash has forged a joint venture with Alstom for nuclear power plant steam turbines and this enterprise has announced an €880m ($1.1 bn) contract to supply turbines to the Baltic nuclear power plant in Kaliningrad.

This new build project is itself the first for which Rosatom has held talks with potential private equity holders for a stake of up to 49%, entertaining CEZ, EDF, Enel and Iberdrola.

World Nuclear News reports that this indicates that the Russian governmentà‚ now sees privatisation of the firm as part of a plan for industrial modernisation.

Rosatom director general Sergei Kiriyenko told the Regnum news agency: “The civil part of nuclear industry has already been developing with partnerships in mind.”

He added that he interpreted Putin’s task as an “encouragement to continue developing partnerships in nuclear industry on prospective projects with not only state investments but also with the increasing share of private investment to be considered.”

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