One of Russia’s most efficient and modern combined-cycle power stations, located at Shatura near Moscow, recently completed its first year of operation and has benefited from GE technology in setting new output and efficiency standards for the site.

Owned by Russian power producer E.ON Russia, the plant features GE’s advanced 109FA combined-cycle technology.

The heart of the 109FA combined-cycle system is GE’s high efficiency Frame 9FA Gas Turbine, designed for power generators requiring large blocks of reliable power.

The scope of GE’s contract for Shatura also included a steam turbine and a generator, a heat recovery steam generator and a distributed plant control system.

The Shatura site is the first combined-cycle block of its kind in Russia. E.ON Russia estimates that this has increased site output by 115 million kilowatt hours because of the extension of the generating capacities of the station last year. Also, the plant has lower CO2 emissions than older and less efficient plants with a similar capacity.

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