An upgraded Rolls-Royce aero-derivative industrial gas turbine has achieved more than 100,000 hours of operation.

The Avon 200 life extension upgrade, which delivers increased power, efficiency and component life, was launched in 2007. Forty engine kits have been ordered by operators in nine countries and 18 of these have now been delivered.

The upgrades are suitable for Avon 1533, 1534 and 1535 models and can deliver 8.9% more power and 4.4% better thermal efficiency.

It provides extended mean times between overhauls (from 30,000 hours to 36,000 hours) if operated at the current base rating. In addition, improved mechanical design helps to reduce life-cycle costs.

Robert Wallace, sales and marketing director of the Energy Customer Service Business, said: ‘Avon operators want their gas turbines to operate for longer periods before major maintenance is required and they also want to mitigate the effects of high cycle fatigue brought on by fuel quality issues.’