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Rolls-Royce delivers gas gensets to new Ghana plant

Rolls-Royce has delivered 36 of its subsidiary MTU Onsite Energy’s natural-gas-fired gensets for a power plant in Accra, Ghana.

The Type 16V 4000 L32 gensets produce 1560 kW of power and will feed 56 MW into the country’s grid. The high-speed gas engines will be serviced by MTU Asia in co-operation with MTU South Africa.Gas-fired gensets in Ghana

The VRA Tema plant is operated by VPower Group and is scheduled to go online next month.

Rolls-Royce said the project is expected to play a significant role in stabilizing the country’s power supply network.

Ghana suffers from a electricity shortages and the country’s Energy Commission has resolved to feed an extra 3000 MW into the grid by 2020.

Major oil and gas fields have been under development since 2007 and since that time these two fuels have been the primary sources of energy within the country.

Andrea Nono, chief executive of MTU South Africa, said: “Our gas-powered engines are particularly well-suited for distributed power plants such as those in Ghana. They offer rapid solutions that can be implemented in a relatively short time and are thus capable of helping to stabilize public power supplies.”