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Renewable surge sees another E.ON plant enter storage

Yet another gas-fired power plant is to be mothballed as E.ON has announced idling of its 430 MW Malzenice plant in Slovakia, citing market conditions. The news comes just weeks after EnBW announced the closure of four of its plants for similar reasons.

E.ON SE (EOAN.XE) said the move was prompted in light of low electricity prices.

The Malzenice combined-cycle gas turbine was only commissioned less than three years ago at a cost of $522m.

The German utility blamed the proliferation of renewable energies across vast parts of Europe for the decision to shut down the power plant as well as muted energy demand in an economy that is stagnating at best.

E.ON said that the Malzenice plant operated for only around 5,600 hours, adding the plant is designed to produce power at least 4,000 hours to 5,000 hours per year.

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