Sharing information and ideas is key to on-site power

For more than 50 years, the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) has been on the cutting edge of power generation solutions. Providing codes and standards updates, emerging technologies, education, best practices, technician certification and industry enrichment, we are one of the leading authorities in the on-site power industry, representing more than 800 members worldwide. We manufacture, distribute, market, sell, install, maintain, and service on-site power equipment. Our trade association is poised to help people and organizations meet the ever-increasing business demands for emergency power solutions, while balancing those demands with cost, safety, security and technology.

Today’s market is evolving and focusing on reliable, efficient and clean power solutions. Reliability is always a concern whether the system is a prime source of power or a backup power solution to a utility. The uptime of products today is ever-increasing and a major demand and focus early on when selecting a power solution. It is also important to have a reliable system as the utility is often unreliable and some customers are becoming independent from the utility.

Bob Hafich, 2016 EGSA President

Efficiency is a key ingredient when selecting a system to use. This goes beyond just electrical and fuel efficiency to now discussing total efficiency. Looking at every parameter within the system is key. A change in one parameter affects the entire system. For example, a change in fuel quality will affect the power output capability of a unit and can cause a system to consume more fuel and operate at a different electrical efficiency. This then changes the equation for the proper system needed.

Clean power is also tied very closely into the mix as well. Regulations globally are becoming more stringent and impose requirements on power systems. Providing clean power that does not pollute and destroy the environment is also key. In addition, these regulations have also opened up new markets, typically in the renewable fuels category. For example, in the past, landfills would just flare off unwanted gas. Today this is not allowed, and generator sets are being used more often in these applications. Installing generator sets to run on biogas provides a customer several benefits as well: free electricity, complying with regulations, and some customers benefit from a reduction in unpleasant smells because digesters capture them, making it more pleasant to drive by or visit.

If your business is involved with on-site power, whether it is emergency, standby, prime, CHP/co- (or tri-)generation or demand response, please get to know us! We actively encourage and promote the exchange of ideas and information. Please join us in 2017 at our Spring Conference in Kissimmee, Florida (Orlando) and/or our Fall Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) is exclusively dedicated to on-site power generation. The Association is comprised of over 800 companies – manufacturers, distributors/dealers, contractors/integrators, manufacturers’ representatives, consulting & specifying engineers, service firms, end-users and others – throughout the US and around the world that make, sell, distribute and use on-site power generation technology and equipment including generators, engines, switchgear, controls, voltage regulators, governors and much more.

The Association aggressively promotes contact with others in the industry and affords each member an opportunity to make an impact on the industry through annual meetings and trade shows. EGSA also encourages the exchange of ideas and information for the mutual benefit of its members, the industry and end-users of on-site power generation systems and serves as a source of information, education and training while actively promoting professionalism, communication and international cooperation. Lastly, EGSA is a leading authority in the development and monitoring of performance standards for the on-site power industry.

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