Pratt & Whitney reports first start for SWIFTPAC 50à‚â„¢

7 June 2002 – Pratt & Whitney’s transportable power plant product, the SWIFTPAC 50à‚â„¢ went into operation on Saturday for the first time at 50 MW El Cajon operated by CalPeak located outside San Diego, California.

Pratt & Whitney installed 50 MW of power in less than two months from foundation completion to the performance test. The gas turbine module includes the enclosure, the gas turbine, gas turbine lube oil system, exhaust diffuser/collector box and inlet plenum. All associated electrical, mechanical and structural components are also integrated into the enclosure. In addition, pre-assembled and tested electrical cabling was used which further reduced the manpower requirements.

This design reduces the separate shipments of equipment to the site by about 75 per cent. “This project was a true accomplishment”, said CalPeak General Manager JJ Fair. “By industry standards for plant construction, the SWIFTPAC product is setting a new standard.”

The SWIFTPAC design was developed to improve customer flexibility through modular and mobile design. The pre-assembled design of the SWIFTPAC 50 streamlines the installation process and reduces the cost to the customer.
Pratt & Whitney launched the line of SWIFTPAC transportable and mobile power plants in late 2001. The SWIFTPAC 50 installed at the El Cajon facility utilizes two Pratt & Whitney FT8 gas turbines driving a single electrical generator. The facility will meet strict air emissions standards of 2.5 ppm NOx through the use of selective catalytic reduction and a CO catalyst. A central control centre located in San Diego will operate the unit remotely, minimizing the need for on-site personnel.

Under a power purchase agreement with the Department of Water Resources, it is anticipated that the El Cajon facility will supply power to California’s grid at those times when the state is in need of additional generating resources, including during times of peak power demand.

“We are very enthusiastic about this facility and the achievement of this fast and simple installation,” said Ellen Smith, president of Pratt & Whitney Power Systems. “The SWIFTPAC was designed to meet our customer’s needs for quick, economical, and reliable power. This facility illustrates how Pratt & Whitney can develop the best product to meet those needs.”

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