Consulting company Pöyry has completed work on a power plant on Panay Island in the Philippines.

The contract with Panay Energy Development Corporation (PEDC) was for EPC work on a fuel handling system in a 150 MW circulating fluidized bed expansion project.

The fuel handling system uses Pöyry’s EPC Plus Open Book System Methodology and consists of a jetty extension, conveying system from the jetty to the coal storage, the conveying system from the coal storage to the crusher, and the construction of an 80,000-tonne capacity coal-handling storage building. 

The 150 MW expansion plant is owned and operated by PEDC, a subsidiary of Global Business Power Corporation, which is one of the leading energy companies in the Philippines. 

“Executing the project on an EPC Open Book System was a good decision, making way for an all-win situation,” said Peter Heinzelmann, senior vice-president of Project Management at Pöyry. “The cost-efficient methodology used in building the power plant will make way for lower power costs, for the benefit of consumers and end-users,” he added.

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