Portugal installs first offshore wind turbine

Energias de Portugal, Repsol and Vestas are part of a team that has developed Portugal’s first offshore wind turbine.

The turbine is installed on an innovative floating foundation called the WindFloat.
Offshore wind turbine
It is the first offshore wind turbine to be installed without the use of any heavy lift vessels or piling equipment at sea. The complete system was then wet-towed offshore using simple tug vessels.

The WindFloat is equipped with a Vestas v80 2.0MW turbine capable of producing enough electricity for 1,300 households. The system is located 5km off the coast of Aguàƒ§adoura, Portugal, and has already produced in excess of 1.7GWh. The WindFloat ushers in a new era in the offshore wind industry permitting utilities to target the highest quality wind resources, independent of water depth.

It is anticipated that Portuguese shipyards could be adapted to support an offshore industry with tremendous domestic and global growth potential.

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