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Petro plant cogen deal in Spain

Spanish petrochemicals major Compaàƒ±ia Espaàƒ±ola de Petràƒ³leos SA (CEPSA) is to use GE’s F-class gas turbine technology for the extension of a cogeneration plant located at the La Ràƒ¡bida refinery in Huelva.

Plans are for GE Energy to supply a gas-fired Frame 6FA gas turbine-generator equipped with a dry low NOx (DLN) 2.6 combustion system. The contract also includes technical advisory services during the erection and commissioning of the gas turbine at the site.

The exhaust of the turbine allows generation of a large quantity of steam at high pressure to meet the site’s industrial needs, while the electricity production will be used to feed the plant auxiliaries. Any excess power to be sold to the Spanish grid.

In total, a 6FA generates about 75 MWe with excess steam going to a Thermodyn steam turbine, which is provided under a separate contract by GE Oil & Gas. That machine would produce 9 MW of extra power for the site.

This is the first time CEPSA will use GEà‚´s F-class gas turbine technology in one of its refineries and the expanded plant is expected to enter commercial operations during the first quarter of 2010.