Petris and Theta join forces to provide production engineering applications via the Internet

June 21, 2002 – Petris Technology, Inc., a data and application management company, has joined forces with Theta Enterprises, Inc. to provide four new production engineering applications via the Internet.

These products will be offered on a monthly subscription basis via PetrisWINDS NOW! – an application services provider (ASP) to the oil & gas, and energy industries. Theta Enterprises will offer RODSTAR, RODDIAG, XDIAG and CBALANCE that are the artificial lift industry’s leading rod pumping design, optimization and analysis software.

“Being able to run these applications from anywhere is very convenient for the user. Now anyone can analyze their rod pumping wells, redesign them to fix problems, or balance them no matter where they are.” says John G. Svinos, president of Theta Enterprises, Inc. Operators now have immediate access to each of these engineering applications with only one PetrisWINDS NOW! contract. These Web-based applications will help oil & gas producers reduce their internal support requirements and extend the life of existing hardware.

The low entry pricing structure also helps to reduce a company’s capital expenditures and make using these products a part of a more efficient operational process. Theta Enterprises joins a growing list of best-in-class independent software vendors offering their software to the energy industry through PetrisWINDS NOW! This Web-based work environment features vendor neutral on-demand software to meet the different business needs of a user organization.

Petris can provide their ASP services via the Internet or can create and manage a similar solution behind a company’s firewall. “Theta’s partnership greatly enhances the solutions offered by Petris Technology to its clients.” says Pat Herbert, Petris COO. “Theta Enterprises is a good complement to our growing body of software and services offered to the oil and gas industry. Their specialized software will benefit those in the production engineering segment of the industry by helping them perform with greater efficiency and lower costs. ” Theta Enterprises is based in Brea, California and is the industry’s most advanced rod pumping optimization software provider.

Theta Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1989 and has since become the leader in Rod Pumping Optimization technology and automation. Theta Enterprises has developed diagnostic, design, pumping unit balancing, automation, and dynamometer data measurement software that is used by many different oil companies, service companies, and rod pumping equipment suppliers.

Theta Enterprises also provides training courses and consulting services in rod pumping optimization and also has produced the industry’s first wireless dynamometer system for field measurements of dynamometer cards.

Theta’s web site Internet address is

Petris Technology was founded in 1994. Comprised of professionals who have both energy industry and information technology backgrounds, the company provides practical, real solutions for its oil & gas clients that span the cycle from exploration and acquisition through operations to divesture.

Petris is an expert in web-services architecture and has a one-of-a-kind vender neutral integration application. Taken together, Petris is at the brink of a new era in integration, data and application management. Petris’ Internet address is

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