One of Europe’s largest health campuses powered by CHP

The Foresterhill health campus in Aberdeen, Scotland one of the largest health campuses in Europe is benefitting from the commissioning of an advanced new combined heat and power (CHP) plant that is set to deliver significant reliability, cost and environmental benefits over the next three decades.

CHP at Foresterhill health campus
Centrax equipment in the shape of its 501-KB7 gas turbine package combined with a waste heat recovery boiler, supplemented by a steam biomass boiler fired by locally-sourced woodchips and three dual-fuel steam boilers powers the campus, having replaced ageing energy infrastructure.

The Centrax package produces 5.2MW of electricity plus 12 tonnes of steam per hour, ensuring the constant availability of power essential for the safety-critical services provided across one of Europe’s largest medical teaching hospital campuses.

Key facilities at the site include Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital, Aberdeen Maternity Hospital and the University of Aberdeen Medical School.

The project forms part of the commitment of the Scottish Government to cut CO2 emissions by implementing more sustainable energy production methods. The package will also reduce maintenance and deliver cost savings to NHS Grampian of some à‚£1 million per year.

“We estimate a reduction of at least 17 per cent in present-day CO2 emissions, which represents some 4,500 fewer tonnes being released into the atmosphere each year,” reports Graham Mutch, Head of Maintenance at the Forestershill health campus.

The resulting 850 square metre energy centre ” a collaborative project with the University of Aberdeen, with its medical school and medical science departments within the complex ” comprises a 1.5MW biomass steam boiler and two 8.5MW and one 6.5MW gas- or oil-fuelled steam boilers working alongside the Centrax package. The centre has recently become fully operational, having been brought on stream in stages since December 2011.

The Centrax unit is synchronised to the grid, ensuring the site can immediately and safely revert to grid power if required. No power is exported to the grid but the health campus gains significant savings by avoiding the cost of purchasing grid power.

Recognition of the environmental qualities of the à‚£12.5 million energy centre also comes in the shape of victory in the industrial category of the 2012 British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) awards, in which the centre gained an ‘Excellent’ rating for its reduction in carbon emissions and waste, beating high-profile competitors from around the UK.

Other Major hospitals selecting Centrax gas turbine plants include Dundee (2.6MW), Leeds (4.8MW) and Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (3.6MW).

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