Wintershall, a petroleum- and oil-producing subsidiary of BASF, has installed a 7 MW gas-fired turbine with a synchronous generator to provide power and process heat for its gas and oil separation plant in the Libyan desert.

The site at the Nakhla oilfield was upgraded from a previous diesel-fired solution after the site’s power demand rose due to the adoption of a water injection process.

The 10.2 MVA generator, along with an instrumentation and control package, were supplied by Italian power equipment firm WEG. The company said its four-pole generator was designed for 6000 V at 50 Hz and temperatures up to 55°C.

WEG said the custom generator features air cooling with a top-mounted air/air heat exchanger and external fans. The air filter is designed to prevent accumulation of desert sand, with all sand particles fed out directly through slits. In addition, the generator is painted white to minimize heat absorption.

The new turbine and generator replace a weekly diesel fuel consumption of 40,000 litres and the 14 MW of surplus heat from the gas turbine is now used to heat the extracted oil up to 70°C in place of five hot water boilers.