Northern Power completes production and integration of power systems for Canadian Corridor Pipeline project

July 30, 2002 — Northern Power Systems recently announced that it has completed construction of 22 turnkey power systems for the Corridor Pipeline Ltd. in Canada.

The systems will power main line block valve actuation at strategic points along a 493-kilometer dual pipeline, which runs from the Muskeg River Mine, north of Fort McMurray, to Scotford, north of Edmonton, Alberta. Northern was awarded the contract by SNC Lavalin, which is responsible for engineering, procurement and construction management of the pump stations and related facilities.

The pipeline system transports diluted bitumen south to the Scotford Upgrader, part of the Athabasca Oil Sands Project (a joint venture of Shell, Chevron and Western Oil sands) and returns diluent, a substance used in the process to condition and stabilize bitumen north to the mine.

“Since day one, everyone involved has been committed to creating the most efficient solution for connecting two key pieces of the Athabasca Oil Sands Project through the Pipeline, while maintaining the utmost dedication to a safe operating system,” said Iqbal Singh Kaler, SNC Lavalin’s project lead electrical engineer. “With its history of reliability and concern for safety, and its success with other pipeline projects, Northern Power was a good choice to work with SNC Lavalin on this part of the project.

Northern has built 14 GridTieà¢â€ž¢ grid-connected systems and 8 TelePowerà¢â€ž¢ diesel-photovoltaic (PV) hybrid power systems. The 22 systems were built at a production facility located in Morrinville, Alberta, just north of Edmonton. After successful completion of a Factory Acceptance Test, the systems were transported to their final locations along the pipeline.

“By drawing on our experience with the Caspian Pipeline Consortium and the ARCO Villano oil pipeline project in Ecuador, we have been able to contribute to the Pipeline’s reliability and operability, and are delighted to supply systems that provide the highest reliability,” said Jito Coleman, Chief Executive Officer of Northern Power Systems.

The GridTie systems are connected to existing power lines, providing an uninterrupted power supply in case of a power outage. The TelePowerTM systems have been installed at remote sites where no grid power is available. These systems use PV modules as the primary power source, with diesel gensets providing back-up power during times of low solar energy. In addition, lead-acid batteries are used as the energy storage medium.

A Northern SC-1000à¢â€ž¢ controller is used to control system operations. Due to the extreme cold winters in Alberta, Northern designed the systems for optimal performance in this challenging environment.

About Northern Power Systems

Northern Power Systems designs, builds, and installs highly reliable, power solutions for industrial, commercial, government, and not-for-profit customers using a full range of thoroughly tested technologies including wind, photovoltaic, natural gas and hybrid fossil/renewable power systems.

For more than 25 years, Northern has provided turnkey services to fulfill the needs of diverse customers. The company has installed over 700 systems on all seven continents, earning a worldwide reputation for delivering high quality, technically superior power solutions. Northern Power’s systems are time-tested and reliable–from the harshest and most remote locations on earth to densely populated urban sites. Additional information can be obtained at the company’s Web site:

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