The Nigerian government is planning to ensure more domestically produced gas is available for gas power generation as it hopes to triple power generation capacity in general by 2015.

A long-awaited reform of the gas sector is hoped to reduce the current shortfall of gas supply for power plants.

Nigeria’s industries and household have suffered from rolling blackouts and energy shortfalls since at least 2007, according to Gas to Power Journal.

The country’s proven gas reserves ranked ninth worldwide at the end of 2011, however 90 per cent of its production is exported. Keen to free up more domestic gas for power production, Nigeria’s oil ministry and NNPC consider buying gas upstream facilities that currently being put up for sale by Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC).

In an effort to avert the risk energy shortages, the Nigerian government managed to attract investment from Independent Power Producers. IPPs under construction include ExxonMobil’s 388-MW gas-fired plant at Bonny as well as ABB’s 450 MW gas and steam turbine.

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