2 October 2002 – SP Systems Pte Ltd (SP Systems), a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Power Limited has launched a new range of voltage dip compensators – the single-phase DynaCom.

DynaCom protects power quality sensitive equipment against voltage sags, which are inherent in any power system. Damage to or failures of power cables, switchgears or transformers normally cause the voltage sags. The DynaCom overcomes voltage sags by injecting a compensating voltage into the power supply, effectively “filling-in” the voltage sags. It is able to respond and compensate within 2 milliseconds for a voltage that dips to as low as 40 per cent nominal voltage for up to 1 second.

Designed for single-phase applications, the new DynaCom uses ultra-capacitors as energy storage device. The innovative use of ultra-capacitors makes SP Systems one of the industry’s first to apply this technology in power quality devices. In addition, ultra-capacitors are maintenance-free and are more durable than conventional energy storage devices such as batteries.

The compact and easy-to-install single-phase DynaCom frees-up space at the customers’ premises. It also enables easy retrofitting of existing manufacturing equipment, which are sensitive to voltage sags. These environmentally-friendly single-phase DynaCom units come with ratings of 12.5A, 25A and 50A, 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

Anticipating the single-phase DynaCom to be well-received, Mr Jeremy Seah, General Manager of SP Systems said, “The current market could augur well for the new range of DynaCom. While many companies, such as the wafer fabrication and semi-conductor plants, may have tightened their finances, the demand for higher quality electricity persists as an uncorrected voltage sag in the power system could cost them more if no precautionary measures are taken.”

“With the proliferation of micro-processor based applications that are sensitive to the quality of power, increasing importance is placed on power quality by end-users. To cater to the different needs of our customers, SP Systems also develops, manufactures and offers three-phase DynaCom in addition to the single-phase DynaCom.” Mr Seah added.

Designed for three phase power quality applications, the ratings available for three-phase DynaCom are 350A and 700A.